Park Rules

The rules apply to ALL occupants.  No one is exempt.

This is an adult only RV community.  Must be age 40 or older.

RV must be 10 years or younger, or in very good condition - must show proof of condition.

Background checks performed on long-term RVers.
In order to do our best to ensure our guests are living in a safe environment, it is the policy of 4 Rivers Hideaway to conduct a criminal background check on all long-term tenants.

RV'ers Check In:  2:00 PM  -  Check Out:  1:00 PM

All tenants must have their own insurance on their RV. 4 Rivers Hideaway is not responsible for any damages to your RV. Example: A tree limb falls on your RV, etc. If you ever notice a dangerous risk problem - let us know, and we will try to resolve it.

The speed limit is 5 MPH

No firearms of any kind are allowed outside of your RV for casual shooting.


Absolutely NO fireworks at any time.  Due to fire hazard and scares ranch animals!

Must stay within the fenced 12 acres of resort - not in the Ranch site unless approved by owners.

No other vehicles or trailers. Park your vehicle off the road so emergency vehicles can get through if needed. 

No more than 2 vehicles are permitted per RV – Only exception is when a guest is visiting.

Guests - All guests need to be registered at office!

No guests to be left unattended at any time. They are your responsibility and need to follow all the resorts rules also.

Guests must leave 4 Rivers Hideaway RV Resort by 10:00 PM if not staying over night.

If you have weekend guests for visits - you must register them and pay $50 per guest / overnight stay.
Any weekend guests are only allowed to stay overnight on Friday and / or Saturday night.
Weekend guests must leave 4 Rivers Hideaway Resort by 10:00 pm if not staying overnight. No weekend guests left unattended at any time. They are your responsibility and need to follow all the resort rules, also. Weekends are the only time children are allowed to visit.
Check-In for guests, Friday after 5:00 PM

Check-Out  for guests,  Sunday before 10:00 PM

Do not share the gate code with weekend guests or anyone!
Meet them at the gate to let them in, then bring them to the office to register them in or let me know.
Gate Code is for RV'ers ONLY


Dog Policy:

Aggressive dogs are not allowed on site. The park owners of 4 Rivers Hideaway will decide of the dog is aggressive.  All dogs must be on a leash, except when they are in dog park with owner, and NEVER left unattended outside.  We have cattle, horses, and lots of wildlife close by on our ranch.  We have a 2 dog max per RV and all dogs must be registered with the office. No guests visiting are allowed to bring their pets with them. Only registered, paid RV'ers dogs are allowed.

A dog must never be tied up outside of your RV and left unattended. Must clean up after dogs waste. Put your dogs waste in appropriate trash cans in dog park, or outside park trash cans or dumpster. NEVER put your dogs waste in ANY of the pavilion building trash cans. 


All dogs must have current rabies shot. Office will need copy of shot records.

No dogs allowed in the pavilion at any time. No dogs allowed in the office, kitchenette area, laundry room, restroom, or upstairs loft lounge at any time.

Pavilion, Commons area:

Clean up your mess after using kitchenette, laundry, bathroom, pavilion & loft area at all times.
Put your personal trash from your RV in the Resort 
dumpster. Keep the dumpster doors closed after dumping trash so critters can't get in!  Do not leave trash or trash bags around your RV at all!


No dogs allowed in the pavilion at any time. No dogs allowed in the office, kitchenette area, laundry room, restroom, or upstairs loft lounge at any time.

Be considerate of other RV'ers and share the bathroom shower and laundry room times considerately.



Keep your site tidy and clean.  Stored items need to be concealed under your RV.  True outdoor patio furniture only outside your RV.  No clothes lines, no tents, no window air conditioners outside of your RV. No appliances outside of your RV, like fridge, freezer, washer & dryer, etc.
Window Coverings must be professional in appearance (no cardboard, tin foil etc)
Awnings must be in good condition, free of rips and shredding.

This is to keep our resort high end & looking fabulous!

Porch / Fence / Storage sheds can be added or  built with approval


Please check in with office before adding anything to your site

Quiet hours are 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM. No loud music or profanity at any time. 

Never puncture the ground with anything without notifying the office first. We know where all the underground lines are.


If you choose to cancel your monthly RV site, we must receive a written request 15 days prior to your scheduled departure.


All prices and site assignments are subject to change as new and more amenities are added.  You will be notified in advance of any changes.


You are welcome to make your site your own, as long as it's in good taste. 4 Rivers Hideaway will decide if an RV site is NOT in good taste. 

RV sites are “as is”.  We do not customize sites.  All RVs and preferences are different, therefore modifying a site permanently for you will likely not be what the next occupant desires.


Smoking is not allowed in the pavillion commons building, office, laundry room, restroom or upstairs loft lounge at all!
If you smoke, please do not throw your cigarette butts on the park grounds anywhere, including at your own site.  



Guest will protect, defend, indemnify, and hold park owners and workers harmless from any damages, costs, attorney fees, and expenses that are caused by the act of any guest or pet of a guest.

Under Texas law, you are not a tenant with a lease or contract.  Anyone who fails to comply with these rules that benefit everyone will be asked to leave with no refund. (Texas Penal Code 30.05).  I have read these rules and agree to abide by them.  

All guests will be required to sign a Liability Release form before entering the property of  Kevin & Susan Shinn while at 4 Rivers Hideaway RV Resort. 


We reserve the right to tell any RV'er or guest to leave at any time. All need to follow the rules & not be a problem to the resort; or you will be told to leave.

Either download below and sign or sign when entering the Resort


4 Rivers Hideaway RV Resort is not responsible for injuries.  All activities performed will be done so, at your own risk.  Please make sure to take all safety precautions necessary.  You are responsible for your pets/guests. 

You are also responsible for any contractors, etc you may have out to do any work on or at your RV

Do not cross the fence or go through the gates to the Shinn Ranch area.  Stay in the RV fenced 12 acres for 4 Rivers Hideaway RV Resort.

4 Rivers Hideaway RV Resort is NOT responsible for any injury to anyone on our property at any time.